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Daily Routines to
Promote Logical Thinking

In this session we will share mathematical routines that are fun and engaging and that support the development of mathematical thinking.


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Rebeca Itzkowich is the Director of Project Connect, a professional development program for kindergarten teachers through a learning partnership between Erikson Institute and the Illinois State Board of Education. She has taught preschool through 2 grades in Mexico, Spain, and the United States. For the past 20 years, she has been a teacher educator for pre-service and in-service teachers with a focus on language development, bilingualism, bi-literacy and early mathematics. She works as an instructional coach with early childhood teachers and administrators in public schools and community-based organizations.

Rebeca Itzkowich

Veronica Castro earned her bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Studies at Northern Illinois University and her master’s degree in Early Childhood Teaching from Erikson Institute. She taught for 8 years in bilingual classrooms across Chicago from PreK through 3rd grade before becoming a math coach with Erikson Institute’s Early Math Collaborative in 2009. Since then, she has discovered a new appreciation for math and continues to develop as a mathematician alongside the teachers and students that she has the privilege to work with.

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Veronica Castro

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