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Shedding Light on Shadows with Early Learners: A Tinkering Activity for Home Participation

Join us for an engaging conference session where we invite you to participate in a tinkering activity designed in collaboration with early childhood educators. In this session, you will have the opportunity to follow along from home and dive into the fascinating world of light and shadows, then reflect on the experience with an eye toward engaging young learners in similar explorations.


2022 Luigi headshot - Luigi Anzivino.jpg

Luigi Anzivino envisions a world where people can learn by doing and making in inventive, unusual, and sometimes messy ways, without fear of failure. Towards that goal, he contributes to the design, prototyping, and facilitation of hands-on making activities for the Tinkering Studio, following a pedagogical approach called “tinkering.” In his work as a Professional Development Lead, Luigi focuses on developing, documenting, and disseminating rich learning experiences, with the goal of creating a physical, cultural, and social space that is safe for trying out tentative ideas, not knowing the right answer, and developing the skill of posing — not just solving — interesting problems.

Luigi Anzivino

Ryoko Matsumoto is a curious educator and experience designer at the Exploratorium's Tinkering Studio in San Francisco. She holds an M.Ed in Educational Psychology and School Counseling. Initially discovering her interest in the pedagogy of learning through making and tinkering, her journey led her to serve as a museum educator at the Children's Art Museum and Park in Japan. With a joyful transition to the Tinkering Studio, she has been instrumental in developing, testing, and facilitating hands-on learning experiences that blend art, science, and technology. Throughout her career, Ryoko has developed and facilitated numerous workshops that showcase the harmonious integration of these domains, while passionately advocating for tinkering as a pedagogy for learning.

Ryoko Matsumoto .jpg

Ryoko Matsumoto

Monique Guidry -.jpg

Monique Guidry

Monique Guidry, a San Francisco native, is the Owner/Director of Guidry’s Early Care & Education Program, a multi-aged family child care home in San Francisco’s OMI-Lakeview neighborhood. She has spent the past 27 years educating and providing care to young children while expressing a deep passion and providing unrelenting advocacy for children, families, and other Early Childhood Educators (ECE). She co-founded the African American Early Childhood Educators organization, which addresses racial disparities in the Black ECE community of San Francisco. Monique is a member of the Child Care Planning and Advisory Council, the Early Childhood Community Oversight and Advisory Committee, Low Income Investment Fund’s National ECE Practitioners Advisory Committee, and Build Up California Advisory Board. She has served the California Early Childhood Mentor Program for over 25 years as a Mentor Teacher and Selection Committee member and is Past President of the Family Child Care Association of San Francisco. In addition to Monique’s professional expertise, her parents (Louis & Alice Guidry) taught her the value of being part of a community and giving back, always emphasizing, “Community is an extended family.” She has devoted her entire life to service in her community. She is a member of the OMI Community Collaborative, Young Ladies Institute, and Invest Black. Monique lives in San Francisco with her husband and their teenage son – an accomplished artist!

Sheila Norman, M.A. is adjunct faculty at City College of San Francisco and a former lecturer for San Francisco State University. Prior to working in higher education, Sheila owned and directed, Candlelight Child Development Center, a private NAEYC Accredited San Francisco preschool for 18 years. Mrs. Norman is a certified trainer for the Program for Infant Toddler Care (PITC), a parent educator, private consultant, trainer, and mentor. Sheila is the mother of three children and has 3 grandchildren.

Sheila Norman - Luigi Anzivino.jpg

Sheila Norman

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