Introduction to Family Child Care at Its Best: Building Numeracy Skills and Beyond

Family child care and family, friend, and neighbor providers are critical sources of support for working families. The Family Child Care at Its Best program delivers high-quality, research-based workshops that help home-based caregivers improve their knowledge, skills, and quality of care for working with mixed-age groups of children. In this session, we will explore highlights from the Family Child Care at Its Best "Building Numeracy Skills and Beyond" workshop. Participants will examine ways to provide a rich math environment for all children, and gain techniques that build developmentally appropriate math knowledge and skills in early childhood.

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Krista Murphy is a Senior Research Associate and Project Director for Family Child Care at Its Best, at WestEd. Krista has over 25 years of experience in early childhood education, including teaching infants through second grade, preschool administration, coaching, developing, and administrating a county QRIS system to support family child care and center-based programs. Currently, Krista develops and administers online and in-person professional development for California's early learning and care system.

Krista Murphy