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100 Bugs! A Counting Book

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Cook It!
by Georgie Birkett

Cook It! takes you on a cooking adventure where ingredients are weighed, mixed, and chopped in the kitchen.

The first two pages in the Book Guide can be printed separately as a stand alone resource. This is a great resource for families.

More in depth information about math concepts and California standards begins on page three.

All activities can stand alone or be explored after reading the book.

Resources for Cook It!:

Book Guide (English)

Book Guide (Español)

Activities for Cook It!:

Pizza Art (English)

Arte de pizza (Español)

Exploration in the Kitchen (English)

Exploración en la Cocina (Español)

Pizza Time (English)

¡Hora de Pizza!  (Español)

For additional online resources visit the External Resource Page.

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