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Coaching in Early Math

Coaching is an ongoing process grounded in a collaborative learning relationship between a coach and coachee. In this session, we will share resources for how to provide coaching in early math. Participants will explore strategies for building positive coach-coachee relationships and reflect on examples of coaches engaging with educators to support their early math teaching practices. Resources from this session are part of the Count Play Explore (CPE) online suites for professional learning facilitators and educators working with children from birth to age eight.

Download Available:

  • Presentation PowerPoint


Madhu_Headshot - Madhu Kapoor.PNG

Madhu Govind Kapoor is a Research Associate at WestEd and contributes to content development and evaluation work for Count Play Explore. Prior to joining WestEd, Dr. Kapoor taught middle school math, developed early STEM curricula and professional learning resources, and conducted research on young children’s engagement with robotics and play- based computational thinking tools. She received a PhD in Child Study & Human Development from Tufts University.

Madhu Govind Kapoor

Jonathan Dueck is a part of Count Play Explore - the CA Early Math and Science Initiative. He supports all educators across the state. This includes professional learning experiences for teachers, families, and administrators with a focus on young children. Jon works with individual sites to build programs that promote a worthwhile and optimistic view of math and science.

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Jonathan Dueck

Elin_Headshot - Madhu Kapoor.jpg

Elin has a passion for engaging learners of all ages in playful hands-on activities that develop an understanding of STEAM content and foster curiosity about the world around them. As a PK-12 Coordinator at the AIMS Center for Math and Science Education, she is working with local educators on implementing maker education in formal and informal educational settings.

Elin Anderson

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