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Clean Up, Up, Up!
by: Ellen Mayer

Color Farm

CLEAN UP UP UP IMG_1157.jpeg
Daddy and his little one are cleaning up before dinner. Daddy describes what they do, using spatial relationship words and phrases like up, down, inside, outside, next to, and under.
Resources for Clean Up, Up, Up!:
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Brief Book Review (English)
Brief Book Review (Spanish)

Who knew cleaning up could be so much fun?


Math Connections: 

Spatial Sense             Spatial Vocabulary


Activities to Do Together:

  • Introduce positional words (under, over, next to, on, etc.) and  talk about spatial relationships. 

  • As part of your daily routine, talk with your child about where things are located and their positions. 


Extension Questions: 

  1. Use spatial relationship language to describe things around you when you are with your child. Make sure to ask open-ended questions. 

  2. Explain to your child where you are in relationship to other objects, for example, “I am sitting on the couch between two pillows”. Then ask your child to explain where they are in relation to another object.           

  3. While at the dinner table, ask your child to explain the location of different foods on the table, or silverware, chop sticks, plates, glasses, napkins, etc. For example, “The fork is next to the plate.” Or “The apple slices are on the plate.”


Vocabulary for Building Math Concepts:    

back, behind, below, beside, down, everything, high, inside, next, on, outside, time, top, under, up