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Captain Invincible and the Space Shapes
by Stuart J. Murphy
Captain Invincble .jpg

Take an adventure through the galaxy with Sam and his dog, Comet, as they face a meter shower, a cloud of poison gas, an alien ship, and a galactic beast. How will they make use of the space shapes?
Captain Invincible and the Space Shapes:
Full Book Review (English)
Full Book Review (Spanish)
Brief Book Review (English)
Brief Book Review (Spanish)

*Spanish versions coming soon!

Will Sam and Comet defeat the galactic beast?

Math Connections: 


Activities To Do Together:

  • Talk about 2-D and 3-D shapes with your child.
  • Ask your child to identify shapes in different rooms around the house and/or outside. What shapes did they see? What shape did they see most often? What shape did they see least often?
  • Before reading the book, identify the different shapes throughout the book. Can your child spot these shapes around them?

  • Gather objects and sort them based on their shape and other characteristics (size, color, use…). 

Extension Questions:

  1. What makes a shape unique? How can you tell one shape apart from another?

  2. Where do you see shapes in your everyday routine? What shapes do you see?

  3. What can you make out of shapes? Can you make other shapes? Can you make other objects? What would you make? How would you do it? Try it!

  4. If you were faced with a challenge like a galactic beast, how would you use shapes to save yourself?

Vocabulary for Building Math Concepts:  

4, all, cube, cylinder, first, odd, only, pyramid, rectangular prism, shapes, sphere, square