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Bean Thirteen

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Banana for Two
by Ellen Meyer

A mom and her toddler go to the grocery store and explore the idea of one and two - one roll of paper towels, one box of cereal, two containers of yogurt, and one banana to share as a snack for two.

Resources for Banana for Two:
Full Book Review (English)
Full Book Review (Español)
Brief Book Review (English)
Brief Book Review (Español)

Activities for Banana for Two:
Exploring Ones and Twos (English) Explorando uno y dos (Español)

Where can you find math in everyday situations?

Activities To Do Together:

  • Read Banana for Two with your child. Point to the objects in the story and emphasize the amounts you see.

  • Use sequencing words like now, first, next, then, and done when talking with your child

  • Take a walk together and point out  what you see. One slide in the park, two children on swings, one blue car, two windows, etc.

  • Look for math in everyday situations. Compare objects. How are they the same? How are they different? Notice shapes everywhere. Talk about square windows, signs in the shapes of rectangles, and plates the shape of a circle.

  • Look for patterns on clothing, buildings, and in nature

  • Look for opportunities to explore amounts of one and two e.g. two socks, one nose, two boxes, one toy.

Conversations During Daily Routines:

  1. Playtime - talk about toys, for example,“You have one block in each hand. One block in your right hand, one block in your left hand. You have two blocks.”

  2. Naptimetalk-“Onepillowforonesleepyhead.Twosleepy bunnies to cuddle, one for each arm.”

  3. Bathtime-“One foot made a splash. Two hands made two splashes.”

  4. Dressing time-“Twoshoes for two feet. The first shoe is tied. Now let’s tie the second shoe.”


Vocabulary for Building Math Concepts:

done, each, more, next, now, one, piece, share, some, two

Please check out the Book Guide for Banana for Two for more!

Online External Resources for Banana for Two:

  • Star Bright Books - Talking about the Math around Us

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