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Balancing Act

Baby Goes to Market
by Atinuke
Mama and Baby visit the market near their home in South West Nigeria. Each market seller they visit gives baby treats without mama noticing. Baby eats one of each and puts the rest in the basket until Mama’s basket grows very heavy!

Resources for Baby Goes to Market:

Full Book Review (English)

Full Book Review (Spanish)

Brief Book Review (English)

Brief Book Review (Spanish)

Activities for Baby Goes to Market:

Market Run (English)

¡Vamos al Mercado! (Spanish)

Market Run Game Board (English)

Market Run Game Board (Spanish)

Market Run Game Pieces (English)

Market Run Game Pieces (Spanish)

How Many Ways? (English)

¿De cuántas maneras? (Spanish)

Food in the Basket (English)

Comida en una cesta (Spanish)

Can you count all the tasty treats Baby collects when Mama and Baby visit the busy market?


Topics: counting, addition, subtraction, weight, measurement


Activities To Do Together: 

  • Introduce numbers one to six. 

  • Practice counting small groups of objects. 

  • Count the number of chickens in the book. 

  • Talk about the vivid patterns found throughout the story. 

  • Encourage your child to create a pattern of their own. 


Extension Questions: 

  1. How many treats was baby given? How many did baby eat? How many did he put in the basket?          

  2. Which treats that went into the basket were the heaviest? Why? Which do you think were the lightest? Why?

  3. What treat was Baby given first? What was he given last? What was he given before the chin-chin biscuit? What was he given after the chin-chin biscuit?


Vocabulary for Building Math Concepts:

five, four, one, single, six, three, two

Please check out the Book Guide for Baby Goes to Market for more!

Online External Resources for Baby Goes to Market:

  • Coming soon!

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