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A House for Hermit Crab

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A Frog in the Bog
by Eric Carle

Count along as a small frog eats and eats until he is no longer a small frog. Now the much bigger frog has a problem. The half-sunk log that frog is sitting on starts to rise. What’s going to happen?

Mathematical topics to explore with this book: counting, comparison, predicting, sequencing

Resources for A Frog in the Bog:

Full Book Review (English)

Brief Book Review (English)

Online External Resources 

Activities A Frog in the Bog:

Swamp Match (English)
Swamp Match (
Swamp Match Two (English)

Swamp Match Two (español)
Frogs are Best! (English)
Frogs are Best! (
Frogs are Best Challenge (English)

Frogs are Best Challenge (español)
Odd Frogs (English)
Odd Frogs (
Swamp Sums (English)
Swamp Sums (
Swamp Cards
Number Cards 
Snack Time for Frog (English)

Snack Time for Frog (español)
Picture of Frog Snacks
Picture of Frog

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