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Tinkering in Early Childhood

The Tinkering Studio at the Exploratorium will present an overview of professional development programming for early childhood educators and caregivers focused on STEAM. We will share how the implementation of tinkering supported other aspects of young children’s learning including early literacy, language development, and social-emotional development. We will explore how offering these experiences during the pandemic continues to push us to reimagine the possibilities and impact of the tinkering approach beyond STEAM learning.

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Luigi Anzivino envisions a world where people can learn by doing and making in inventive, unusual, and sometimes messy ways, without fear of failure. Towards that goal, he contributes to the design, prototyping, and facilitation of hands-on making activities for the Tinkering Studio, following a pedagogical approach called “tinkering.” In his work as a Professional Development Lead, Luigi focuses on developing, documenting, and disseminating rich learning experiences, with the goal of creating a physical, cultural, and social space that is safe for trying out tentative ideas, not knowing the right answer, and developing the skill of posing — not just solving — interesting problems.

Luigi Anzivino

Claudia Caro Sullivan is a developmental psychologist, applied researcher, and progressive educator specializing in creating innovative multidisciplinary initiatives for life-long learning. She holds an EdM in human development and psychology from Harvard Graduate School of Education and a BA in social sciences from UC Irvine. As a member of the Tinkering Studio team, Claudia is responsible for the overall direction, planning, design and implementation of early childhood and community-based tinkering projects.

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Claudia Caro Sullivan

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