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The Language of STEM

Constructivist theories explain how young children learn and develop not only by exploring the environment, but also with the presence of effective interactions in which teachers interact with children to facilitate learning activities to support and scaffold development, learning, and language.

The properties of the interactive exchanges between teachers and children -the information conveyed, feedback loops, and conversational sequences- are critical to teachers’ fostering of children’s learning (La Paro, Hamre & Pianta, 2012).

One way to promote the engaged support of learning is understanding the process and the impact of teacher-child conversations, questions and the natural use of higher levels of vocabulary.
This training session is designed to support practitioners to be more intentional in the use of questions and vocabulary, providing them with specific information on the different ways to embed those in daily routines to effectively support higher order thinking skills, cognitive and language competence. Meanwhile, these strategies are intrinsically connected with the Cognitive Development CLASS Domain improving effective indicators such as analysis and reasoning, problem solving, making predictions and prompting thought processes, among many others.


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Sandra Ampudia (Sandy) is an early childhood educator and early interventionist with over 20 years of experience as a teacher, coach, research assistance, and professional development specialist. The combination of her knowledge and experience allows her to provide support to organizations working within the early childhood sector by bringing practical and effective practices to the consultancy work. She’s committed to partnering with a variety of organizations within the early childhood community at the state, local and national level, to ensure all children, teachers and families have an opportunity to succeed. She strongly believes in the importance of the impact that early childhood educators make in the lives of children.

Sandra B. Ampudia

Dave Scahill is the President & CEO of The Discovery Source. Dave has spent the past 35 years working with and training early childhood programs and is committed to creating great teacher effectiveness tools and supplying unique and targeted early childhood materials from 0-8 years that are engaging and fun. Dave has presented at the National Head Start, Native American Head Start Directors, NAEYC, California Child Development Administrators, California Head Start, Region 9 Head Start, CAEYC, Department of Defense Child Development conferences and many more.

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David Scahill

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