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Show and Tell! Great Graphs and Smart Charts

Young children need to know about data and statistics. Not the data of Wall Street or the statistics of the world, but information about their own lives and the things that interest them. Displays of data can become part of their language, part of how they can better understand things and communicate with others. When presented in creative infographics, these displays bring that information to life. This session will feature simple bar graphs, pictographs, pie charts and line graphs, and include step-by-step instructions for collecting and organizing data, creating graphs and charts, and transforming them into dynamic infographics. Kids will have fun as they use math to show and tell their very own stories.

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Stuart J. Murphy

Stuart J. Murphy is a visual learning strategist and children’s book author.
Stuart is the author of the award-winning MathStart series, which includes a total of 63 children’s books that present mathematical concepts in the context of stories for Pre-K through Grade 4. 

He is also the author of Stuart J. Murphy’s I SEE I LEARN, a 16-book series of storybooks for children in Pre-K, Kindergarten and Grade 1 that focus on social, emotional, health and safety, and cognitive skills.

Stuart is a member of the authorship teams of a number of mathematics programs published by Savvas Learning, including enVisionMATH, a comprehensive elementary school series, as well as a new Pre-K curriculum, Three Cheers for Pre-K. 

A graduate and trustee emeritus of the Rhode Island School of Design, he has been presenter at meetings of the National Councils of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) and Supervisors of Mathematics (NCSM), and many other professional educational organizations. 

Most of all, Stuart is an advocate for using visual learning strategies to help students succeed in school and in life. 

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