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Exploring STEM: Engaging Young Learners

This keynote is all about engaging our youngest learners by creating opportunities for their curiosity to push them forward. What rolls? What slides? What happens when I change one small thing? We will explore the benefits of engaging in STEM activities for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and beyond. This keynote will also highlight the all-new STEAM Book Guides.

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Jon Dueck helps coordinate the California Early Math Initiative as a part of the Fresno County Early Care & Education Team. Jon works with teachers and administrators to build programs that promote a worthwhile and optimistic view of math and science, and help show families and the community that math is all around us. As a part of the CA Early Math Initiative, he leads the site, coaches preschool and primary teachers, and supports community math events. Jon leads STEM initiatives in the region while supporting schools and districts with comprehensive math program tools. Jon has spoken at local, state-wide, and international conferences about building strong math understanding and deepening math concepts in daily math lessons. He has worked in preschools, TK-12 schools and at the secondary level. Jon enjoys talking about numbers with young children.

Jon Dueck

Lesley Gates is the Science Content Specialist for the Fresno County Superintendent of Schools. Lesley began her career in science education as the Education Specialist at the Fresno Chaffee Zoo. She transitioned to be a high school science teacher and then a K-8 STEM instructional coach. She was also a project director for the statewide NGSS K-8 Early Implementation initiative led by WestEd. Her current role at the county office includes working with TK-6 teachers from across Fresno County and the state of California to identify challenges and design solutions for the transition to NGSS, focusing on integrating English Language Arts and Math standards into elementary science lessons. Lesley has been on numerous statewide NGSS committees and has presented at the National Science Teaching Association (NSTA) conferences, California’s Science Educators conferences, Statewide NGSS Roll-outs, and has also presented internationally.

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Lesley Gates

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