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Exploring Geometry and Art with Bubbles 

From childhood to adulthood, who doesn’t like to play with bubbles? In this hands-on activity we will explore soap bubble play for both the home and the classroom. Together we will discuss different types of bubbles found in the world around us and create bubble snakes, bubbles in bubbles, and even use bubbles as an art form. Gather a few materials and join us as we have a “bubblicious” good time!

Materials Needed:

  • Several Cups

  • Dish Soap 

  • Water

  • Straws

  • Food Coloring 

  • Empty Plastic 1-L Bottle

  • Scissors

  • Old Socks

  • Water-color type paper

  • Pipe Cleaners (Optional)

Download Available:


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Steve Pauls

Over the past 20 years Steve has taught a variety of STEM undergraduate, graduate, and teacher education courses at Fresno Pacific University. He has in the past worked closely with teachers in the Central Valley through a variety of Math Science Partnership (MSP) multi-year grant programs looking to improve both content and pedagogy of teachers in this region. As an associate director for AIMS Center, Steve is working toward understanding and interpreting the latest research involving the cognitive development and conceptual understanding of young children in science and mathematics. He is currently interested in developing Maker Spaces for the classroom as well as an integrative program involving spatial and computational thinking within the context of science and math education.

Elin has a passion for understanding how students construct their understanding of math concepts. She has spent over 20 years in public education working as a classroom teacher, mathematics coach, instructional coach, and as a TSA in elementary mathematics. In 2015 she participated on the CA Department of Education Expert Panel for the correspondence of the California English Language Development Standards to the Mathematics and Science Standards and has been a member of the Smarter Balanced State Network of Educators. She received her BA from Santa Clara University in multidisciplinary studies, and her teaching credential and MA in Math Education from Fresno Pacific University. She also holds an Administrative Credential in Educational Leadership from Fresno State University.

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Elin Anderson

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