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Multiplying Universal Access to Play-Based Early Math Curriculum

This interactive session will address the importance of universally designed play-based exploration and inclusive UPK math instruction to build a foundation for post-secondary success.


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Kevin Schaefer

Kevin Schaefer is currently the Director of Equity and Inclusive Practices for the El Dorado SELPAs. He works diligently to improve educational outcomes for students with disabilities through providing high quality leadership and support to the California Department of Education and LEAs throughout the state. Additionally, he provides organizational support through his work in promoting continuous improvement processes and alignment of initiatives that focus on creating enabling least restrictive environments that honor the diversity of learners across general and special education settings. Kevin believes that data-based decision-making, open and honest communication pathways, vulnerability-based trust and self-reflection among team members, deep level family engagement, and ongoing analysis of organizational culture, practice, and policy development is foundational to this work. His varied background in education has led to expertise in the areas of systems change and inclusive educational practices that benefit all students.

Heather Snipes has over 15 years of experience in early education ranging from college lab settings, Tribal Head Start, private preschool, and prior to her current position, Director of a state preschool program in Northern California. Heather has been instrumental in developing successful inclusive preschool models that can be scaled up into the elementary grades and beyond. She has been an advocate for access to high quality early childhood experiences and continues to emphasize the importance of collaboration in order to nurture a strong foundation of trust and partnership between each child’s home and school setting from day one. Her background in early childhood education, knowledge of the public school system, and experience with the IEP process, allows her to provide a unique perspective on learning environments, student transitions, and relationship building as a cornerstone for quality inclusive practices across the educational continuum.

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Heather Snipes

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