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100 Bugs! A Counting Book

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Cook It!
by Georgie Birkett

Cook It! takes you on a cooking adventure where ingredients are weighed, mixed, and chopped in the kitchen.

Resources for Cook It!:

Discovering the Math: Book Guide (English)

Activities for Cook It!:

Pizza Art (English)

Arte de pizza (Español)

Exploration in the Kitchen (English)

Exploración en la Cocina (Español)

Pizza Time (English)

¡Hora de Pizza!  (Español)

Topics: order, comparison, sorting, counting, measurement, shapes, time, problem solving

Activities To Do Together:

Use the book Cook It! to explore math in the kitchen. Encourage your child to become a chef along side you. 

While reading the book ask your child:

  • To count the number of vegetables pictured on the cookbook in the story. Then compare the vegetables, what colors are they?  What shapes are they? Compare the sizes of the different vegetables. How are they different than the vegetables you have seen? How are they the same?

  • To predict what the girl and her father are going to make for dinner. Was your prediction correct?

  • How many vegetables does the little girl draw? How many items do you think they will need to get at the store?

  • To point out which vegetable is the largest on the store’s shelf. Which vegetable is the smallest? How many bell peppers are on the shelf?

  • What else do you think weighs as much as the flour? What may weigh more?

  • To point out the many vibrant colors they see in the illustrations. 

When you have finished reading the story try the following: 

  • Make a snack together. Arrange the snack in a pattern. For example, if you are having strawberries and crackers, lay them out on the plate as follows; strawberry, cracker, strawberry, cracker…

  • Look through a cookbook together and find a new recipe to make. Gather the needed ingredients and follow the directions.

  • Estimate how long it takes to cook your favorite food. Cook it and time how long it takes. Was your estimate close?

  • Make a grocery list together. If your child is not yet writing ask them to draw the items needed. If the quantity needed is more than one, include that in the drawing.

  • Talk about the value of coins and dollar bills. Point out what each is worth.  

  • Talk about the steps involved in cooking. Use ordinal words to describe what you do in the kitchen. For example, first, we will pick out what to make, second, we will read the ingredients list.

Vocabulary for Building Math Concepts: enough, far, heavy, long, lots, more, nearly, shape

Please check out the Book Guide for Cook It! for more!

Online External Resources for Cook It!:

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