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Parent and Family Resources

Parents are children's first teachers.

Please explore the resources below that can help parents familiarize themselves with the new California standards and support their children's early success in mathematics.

More Resources From Other Sites

How are children learning about numbers?

An Explanation of the California State Standards for Mathematics

Parent/Guardian Overview Brochures - CCSS Mathematics

These brochures are provided by the Sacramento County Office of Education. They explain the new CCSS mathematics standards and describe what students can expect to learn as they progress through the grade levels. From Jo Boaler and her colleagues at You Cubed, the handout provides parents with ten accessible, applicable, and skill appropriate options for engaging their children's mathematic minds. The Early Math Learning site supports parents and educators by helping children learn and enjoy mathematics from birth to age five. The Early Math Learning site is a public service of the California Mathematics Council, the professional organization for preschool-college mathematics educators.

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