Math Themed Party Ideas

Math is all around us - in shapes, objects, and the number of years we celebrate on our birthdays! Use the resources listed below to integrate mathematics into your children’s favorite celebrations. Discover the never ending world of math as you celebrate your child’s special day…

Click one of the themes, seasons, or topics below to begin party planning: 



Out of the box building party- architecture themed

On the Clock

Scavenger hunt- have child read time on a clock and then go find the clock with the corresponding time somewhere in the house

Jumbo Games

dice- can be made out of cardboard boxes

other jumbo games- dominoes, shuffle board, legos…

Play dough





Holidays and Pattern Blocks

Templates of holiday icons to complete and create with pattern blocks:

Thanksgiving turkey

Christmas tree


Spring Flower 

Jack-O-Lantern faces



Party Favors

magnets with images used to teach common core math