Math Apps

These kid-friendly apps expand opportunities for children to engage, learn and play with math. Introduce the following apps for continuation of your children’s daily mathematical encounters:

An App for the parents...


Make math as on-the-go as the rest of your daily life. Sign up for EMP’s Math Tweets, geared specifically to your child’s age group for activities to use at your convenience. Tweets will introduce opportunities to engage with your child and encounter math throughout the day. Integrating math into daily conversations with your children. Observe math in the super market, cooking in the kitchen, walking down the street, and playing outside.

App & Media Usage


Reflecting the suggestions published by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Early Math Project does not recommend using math apps for children under age 2. Young children should interact with people and later on in development children should engage with quality media content.


To link to the AAP site for a detailed information for children’s use of entertainment media click here.