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Leaves to My Knees
by Ellen Mayer

Camille wants to rake a pile of leaves that will reach her knees, the perfect height to jump into. When problems with her rake and the wind arise, Camille keeps raking and measuring until her pile of leaves is just the right size! 

Resources for Leaves to My Knees:

Book Guide (English)

**Spanish Versions Coming Soon!

Activities for Leaves to My Knees:

Tall as a Leaf Pile, Tall as My Knee

**Spanish Versions Coming Soon!

What will Camille do when lots and lots of leaves whoosh away in a big breeze?    

Topics: comparing, measuring

Activities To Do Together: 

Before you read the book Leaves to My Knees with your child:

Point to the picture of Camille holding the rake. Ask your child what they think Camille is doing. • Talk about the time of year when many trees lose their leaves. Ask your child what else happens in the fall.

Extension Questions:

  1. Do you think the Sharks will meet their goal of 75 laps by Friday? Why or why not?

  2. What is another way Coach Blue could have kept track of the number of laps the Sharks had swum? Could she have used addition?

  3. In the story, Coach Blue used the traditional way of subtracting with regrouping. What other strategies could you use to solve a subtraction problem?

Vocabulary for Building Math Concepts: 

subtracted, totaled

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