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Got Paper? Got Math!
Kirigami Explorations

Join EMP team members Naomi, Lisa, and Carolyn for some unexpected paper fun. Bring paper, scissors, tape or glue stick, and your imagination. Please plan on sharing on Jamboard.

Explore Kirigami with the Early Math Project team during the optional lunch recess. Grab some paper and scissors, and follow along!



Carolyn Pfister is an education administrator for the California State Board of Education and coordinator of the Early Math Project. Her interests include family and community engagement, advocacy for early math, and developing resources that promote children’s mathematical development. Prior to her involvement with the Early Math Project, Carolyn taught elementary and middle school math and was the principal of a K-8 Montessori School.

Carolyn Pfister

Lisa Grant has worked in the education field for over 30 years. She has been a secondary math teacher, instructional coach, and math content specialist at the district, state, and county levels. Her passion is early math learning and preventing math anxiety through a growth mindset. She believes in child-centered, play-based learning and the unmistakable beauty in mathematics.


Lisa Grant


Naomi Reeley has been involved with the Early Math Project since June 2019 where she started as an intern. Naomi joined the team in hopes of developing and promoting resources for the project that would encourage family engagement in mathematics. Naomi is particularly interested in promoting ways to include math in daily routines by providing tips and suggestions about everyday activities. She finds it very important to create resources that are engaging, fun, and informational in order to build a child’s confidence and comfort in math. 

Naomi Reeley

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