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Educator Resources

Our team continues to look for resources that may be helpful to teachers and childcare professionals working with young children.

These resources provide, for the most part, instructional assistance and professional development. Many of them address a wide range of grade levels and student needs. For this reason, they have been organized alphabetically.

We have explored the following resources and believe that they may provide support to educators. If you know of any resources that should be included here, please contact us and let us know!

Pencil with pencil shavings

Achieve the Core [Kindergarten - Grade 12] Catered to school leaders and educators, Achieve the Core provides tools and resources that help teachers develop lesson plans that are aligned to the Common Core Standards for English and math.

Lee Pesky Learning Center [Elementary Grades 1-5] Focuses on early intervention for students with learning disabilities and provides tools and resources to guide children development in math and literacy.

Free online development courses for teachers an online math modules.

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