Educator Resources

Our team continues to look for resources that may be helpful to teachers and childcare professionals working with young children.

These resources provide, for the most part, instructional assistance and professional development. Many of them address a wide range of grade levels and student needs. For this reason, they have been organized alphabetically.

We have explored the following resources and believe that they may provide support to educators. If you know of any resources that should be included here, please contact us and let us know!

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Achieve the Core [Kindergarten - Grade 12] Catered to school leaders and educators, Achieve the Core provides tools and resources that help teachers develop lesson plans that are aligned to the Common Core Standards for English and math.

Early Math Learning [Birth - 5] The Early Math Learning site supports parents and educators by helping children learn and enjoy mathematics from birth to age five. The Early Math Learning site is a public service of the California Mathematics Council, the professional organization for preschool-college mathematics educators.

Erikson Early Math Collaborative [Birth - Age 3] Updated research, discussions, and talks on early math literacy. Provides teachers with the latest findings and materials available for early math and professional development on how to identify successful strategies and deliver effective math content.

First 8 Studios: Early Math Teacher's Guide [Birth - Age 8] First 8 focuses on the cognitive development of early learners and provides resources for early math and teacher professional development that aim to increase early learners’ confidence in basic math rules and language. Site includes lesson plans on early math, such as subitizing and equipartitioning, to help early learners develop a sense for sensing and speaking about numbers.

Illustrative Mathematics [Kindergarten - Grade 8] Illustrative Mathematics combines interactive videos, lessons, and tasks to help teachers explain math concepts based on the Standards for Mathematical Practice. Explains 8 mathematical learning theories and provides supporting videos for educators and students that are useful in lesson planning. Fractions progression videos and lessons for students grades 3-5. Online professional development opportunities for educators.

Kentucky Center for Mathematics [Kindergarten - Grade 3] KCM provides professional development and resources to help teachers increase their proficiency in using research-based tools and strategies to improve student achievement in math. This series of webinars covers best practices in teaching a number of early math concepts and skills.

Kentucky Numeracy Project [Kindergarten - Grade 3] A growing system of resources and professional learning for teachers of numeracy. Helps teachers support math fluency and identify individual student needs to deliver early math intervention strategies. Includes guides for educators in setting benchmarks, providing support, and assessing students in math. Lesson plans and activities that support math instruction and aligns to the Common Core Standards.

Lee Pesky Learning Center [Elementary Grades 1-5] Focuses on early intervention for students with learning disabilities and provides tools and resources to guide children development in math and literacy.

Free online development courses for teachers an online math modules.

Mathematics Common Core Toolbox [Kindergarten-Grade 8] Introduces educator's to the opportunitites offered by the new State standards.

PBS TeacherLine [Pre-K - Grade 12] A searchable database of online courses to strengthen math instruction. Provides information about how teachers can register for the courses, including pricing, if any.

Resources for Early Learning [Birth - 33 Months] Resources for Early Learning provides quick, low-cost math activities to do with babies and toddlers. They provide learning guidelines (the Massachusetts Early Learning Guidelines for Infants and Toddlers) for teachers/caregivers to provide a view of the development of infants and toddlers and what experiences can support their development.

Teaching Channel [Kindergarten- Grade 12] Houses over a thousand educator instructional videos for multiple subject areas and grades. Includes instructional, motviational, advice videos and blog posts for seasoned teachers.

Texas School Ready [Preschool] Provides teachers with resources on a range of topics, including early childhood mathematics, aligned with the Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines. Includes resources to help teachers improve their instruction to build early math skills by creating better lessons and classroom environments.

University of Washington: Ambitious Math Instruction - Resources and Images [Grade 1 - 12] Ambitious Math Instruction helps teachers improve math instruction by learning, planning, enacting, and reflecting on various ambitious math activities. It aims to help teachers improve practice by incorporating the principle of children as sense-makers, individuals and learners.

West Virginia Department of Education [Kindergarten - Grade 5] A collection of videos that illustrates lessons targeting specific math concepts and skills with commentary. Lesson plans are also available.

YouCubed [All Ages] Jo Boaler provides resources for innovative and inspirational math challenges for students and resources for teachers on how to create a culture of academic risk-taking and make math more accessible. Provides learning guides and content games and lessons that encourages independent math questioning and exploration.