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How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin?

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Hiking Day
by Anne Rockwell

Follow a family on their hiking adventure up Hickory Hill. Can you spot the different animals they see?

Resources for Hiking Day:
Book Guide (English)

**Spanish Versions Coming Soon!

Activities for Hiking Day:
Mapping (English)

Animal Tracks (English)

**Spanish Versions Coming Soon!

What surprises will the family see on their hike?   

Topics: time, distance, mapping, positional words

Activities To Do Together:

Use Hiking Day to explore time, following directions, mapping, and positional words.

Before reading, Hiking Day, with your child:

  • Before going somewhere, look up directions with your child. Have fun drawing a map of your route.

  • While outside or on a hike think about animals you may encounter. What clues would you look and listen for to indicate that animals are near by?

While reading the book, ask your child:

  • What clues suggested that an animal was near by in the story?

  • To use positional words to describe where the animals are in relation the the girl and her family.

  • To compare the different sounds the animals make. Have they heard those animals before?

When you have finished reading the story try the following:

  • While hiking, consider the distance you will be traveling. Do you have a way to keep track of how far you have traveled and how long you have been hiking? How can you use that information to predict what time you will finish? What influences the time it takes you to finish your hike? Does elevation affect the speed of your hiking? What other factors might impact how quickly you travel?

  • While exploring outside, use positional words to talk about the location of different animals in relation to you and the things around you. Use words like up, down, inside, and below. For example, “The squirrel is above us and is on top of the branch.

  • Explore the concept of time with your child. Figure out how long it takes to complete some of your daily activities. For example, how long does it take to travel to school in the morning?

Please check out the Book Guide for Hiking Day for more!

Online External Resources for Hiking Day:

  • Coming Soon!

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