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What happens when we add more and more sides and angles to the Greedy Triangle?


The Greedy Traingle

By: Marilyn Burns


Meet the Greedy Triangle who is busy holding up bridges and catching wind for sailboats. Find out what happens when the triangle goes to visit the shape shifter to get another angle and another side… and then another… and then another. Soon this shape is doing more than holding up bridges- see what kinds of things the Greedy Triangle can do when is has more and more sides, and then what happens when there are too many sides!


Follow Up Questions: What are three shapes you see in the room right now? What is the difference between a triangle and a quadrilateral? A pentagon and a hexagon?


Suggested Activity: Ask child to draw the adventures of the Greedy Triangle and come up with something each new shape can do that was not listed in the book.


Covers Topics: shapes and their attributes, addition and subtraction, comparison and composition of shapes


Suggested Domain: Geometry Grades 1, 2, and 3


Accompanying Tweet: Shape shift from a triangle to a pentagon to a circle and more!


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