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Count to ten as we see all the places dots can go- from a boat at sea, to the face of a snowman, to the eyes of a fox. Recognize that numbers are all around us and objects are ready to be counted!


Follow Up Questions: Observe objects in your surroundings and ask your child, what has four dots in this room?

Suggested Activity: A child can make his or her own book, thinking of objects with dots 1-10 to draw and write a corresponding sentence for

Covers Topics: counting 1-10, number sense

Suggested Domain: Number Sense: Counting and Cardinality- TK/K

Accompanying Tweet: Practice counting aloud to ten with the illustrations in Ten Black Dots <link>

Recognize that the numbers are all around us with Ten Black Dots <link>

Pre-existing lesson plan: (has titles of similar books at the bottom)                               

California Early Math Project