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By: Ann Jonas

Join a family on their way into the city. Read right side up as they travel many miles for dinner, a movie, and other city experiences like fireworks. Then as the sun sets, invert the book and read your way back out through marshes and inlets to the country. 

Take time observing the unique illustrations to see how the black and white shapes shift and change depending on our perspective. This uncomplicated plot line gives students space to think creatively and observe the power of shapes, symmetry and reflection.

Follow Up Questions:

What shapes did you see in this book?

How was reading the book right side up different from reading it upside down?

How did the author make all these illustrations?

Suggested activity: make your own symmetrical picture. Put dollops of paint on half of a piece of paper, then fold in half to create an illustration similar to the author’s.


Covers Topics: symmetry, reflection, point of view, composition with positive/negative space

Suggested Domain: Spatial Relations and Geometry - Grade 1

Accompanying Tweet: Shapes and symmetry are all around us! Discover symmetry by reading Round Trip right side up and then upside down! <link>

California Early Math Project