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Find, count, sort and spend money with the Pig Family!


Pigs will be Pigs: Fun with Math and Money

By: Amy Axelrod


The Pig family realizes that they are hungry and would like to go to dinner, but first they need to find money to pay for food at the restaurant. They run all over their house collecting coins and bills and count up all their money to buy a delicious meal.


Follow Up Questions: Who found the most money- Mr. Pig, Mrs. Pig or the Piglets?What types of money did the Pig Family find in their house?


Activities: Using a menu from a restaurant, ask child to explain what money they would use to pay for certain items. Given a set amount of money, ask child which items on the menu he or she could purchase.


Covers Topics: Money, Counting, Addition and Subtraction


Domain: Measurement and Data, Grade 2


Accompanying Tweet: Count bills and coins with the Pig Family to pay for dinner.

California Early Math Project