Architects can build with all sorts of shapes and materials!


Iggy Peck, Architect

By: Andrea Beaty



Iggy Peck loves nothing more than building! He can to build with any kind of material, and he always finds a way to finish his unique creations, sometimes suprising his parents by what he builds with. Discover all the ways Iggy can build structures with all sorts of shapes!


Follow Up Questions: Ask child to describe what kind of shapes they would use to build a house, a bridge, and a statue of themselves?

What shapes would work well to build with? Why?


Suggested Activity: Cut out shapes and give to child, ask them to build something with one rectangle and four triangles; two squares, one rectangle and a circle and so on.


Covers Topics: geometric shapes, composition with shapes


Suggested Domain: Geometry Grades 1, 2, and 3


Accompanying Tweet: Iggy shows us that architects build will all sorts of shapes and materials!

California Early Math Project