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Grandfather Tang is a master story teller! He tells Little Soo about crocodiles, squirrels, goldfish, hawks, and more- all made out of the same geometric shapes called tangrams. Join Little Soo as she sees Chou and Wu Ling change into all sorts of animal shapes to survive and become friends.

Follow Up Questions: What shapes did Grandfather Tang use to make the animals? What can you make with this collection of tangrams? Use eight tangrams to make create something!

Suggested Activity: Have student create the animals using the shapes in the books. Ask student to make a new animal or object.

Covers Topics: shapes, spatial relations, geometry

Suggested Domain: Spatial Relations and Geometry- Grades 1, 2, and 3 Reasoning with shapes and their attributes

Accompanying Tweet: Use geometric shapes called tangrams to create all sorts of creatures from the animal kingdom with Grandfather Tang and Little Soo. <link>

Full story online with limited pictures:

California Early Math Project