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How do you use your math today when you were rich last Sunday?


Alexander- Who Used To Be Rich Last Sunday

By: Judith Viorst


Alexander is an ordinary boy, and when his grandparents give him a dollar he knows he is rich! Even though Alexander wants to save his money, it is a challenge for him not to spend it. Delight with Alexander as he buys bubble gum and saves for a walkie talkie. Then, learn how to save and problem solve as Alexander tries to earn money after his dollar disappears in a bet.


This lighthearted book introduces students to money- how to add, subtract, and save. Engages decision making and algebraic thinking as the reader relates to Alexander and his adventures with a dollar.


Follow Up Questions: If you had $5 what would you do with it? Would you have any money left? What else could Alexander have done with his dollar?


Covers Topics: addition and subtraction operations, algebraic thinking, problem solving, measurement


Pre-existing Online Lesson Plan:


Lesson Plan on Opportunity Cost for Grade 3:


Suggested domains:

Grade 2 Patterns and Routines: Measurement and Data

Grade 1 Number Sense: Operations and Algebraic Thinking

California Early Math Project