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Explore very large and very small animals by considering the size of ostrich eggs, the eyeball of a giant squid, and the head of a brown bear. This book fits real life animals and objects onto its pages so you can read, compare, and explore exotic creatures from your seat. Be able to figure out how big these animals would be if you passed a crocodile in the river, or found a giant squid in your bathtub, or saw an ostrich in your backyard!

Accompanied with factual information on the animals, Jenkins brings animals to life with his aesthetic and dimensionally accurate depictions.

Follow Up Questions: Ask student to compare animals: How big is a brown bear compared to goby fish? Have student classify large animals and small animals according to what they learned about size in the book.


Suggested Activity: Measure animals using the book’s illustrations then find an object in your home or classroom that is the same size.

Covers Topics: measurement, comparison, classification

Suggested Domain: Measurement and Data- Kindergarten and Grade 1


Accompanying Tweet: Discover the biggest and smallest animals as we read Actual Size and compare and measure all sorts of creatures. <link>


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