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Anno's Counting Book
by Mitsumasa Anno

In this beautiful, wordless counting book, the numbers zero through twelve are illustrated in many ways, each number on its own page.

Resources for Anno's Counting Book:

Full Book Review (English)

**Spanish Versions coming soon!

Activities for Anno's Counting Book:

Draw it Out! (English)

What patterns do you notice throughout this book?

Topics: numbers 0 - 12, counting, sets, groups, one-to-one correspondence, observation, time, spatial relationships

Activities To Do Together:

Use Anno’s Counting Book to help your child recognize the numbers 0 to 12 and to practice counting.

Look at the cover of Anno’s Counting Book with your child:

  • Predict what the book will be about.

  • Count the houses, people, trees, and birds. Are there more ducks on the ground or birds in the sky?

  • Compare the buildings. Compare the trees.

As you look at Anno’s Counting Book with your child:

  • Encourage your child to talk about and count what they see. Ask how many there are.

  • Ask your child to find and count the people, buildings, plants, and animals that represent the number featured on the page.

  • Point to the number on each page and talk about different ways you can represent that number.

  • Count the blocks on the pages on the left. Talk about how the blocks change throughout the story.

  • Compare pages 4 and 5. What is similar? What is different?

  • Ask your child what they notice about the seasons throughout the story.

When you are done looking at Anno’s Counting Book:

  • Talk about zero using the first pages of the story. There are zero buildings, zero people, and zero trees.

  • Try looking at the book backwards and notice what happens with the numbers and illustrations.

  • Create your own story to accompany the pictures in the book.

  • Find groups of 1 to 12 around you. Make groups of items from 1 to 12.

  • Make your own counting book for numbers 0 to 12.

Conversations During Daily Routines with Infants and Toddlers:

  1. Dressing Time - Count groups of two out loud when getting ready. Say, “You have two socks: one sock, two socks. You have two mittens: one mitten, two mittens.”

  2. Snack Time - When you are all done with snack, say, “These’s nothing left! Zero snacks, all gone!” to introduce the idea of zero.

  3. Tummy Time - Place one toy in front of your baby. Say and point, “There is one toy.” Add one toy at a time and narrate what you are doing. “Let’s add one toy. Now there are two toys. One, two. If we add one more toy you will have three.” Point and count the toys after adding another one.

  4. Outside Time - Make groups of four with different objects. How many groups of four can you make together?

Questions for Mathematical Thinking:

  1. What changes throughout the book? What types of changes did you notice?

  2. Why do you think there is always twice as many people as the number featured on the page?

  3. What types of things did you notice on the landscape pages that do NOT represent the number featured on the page?

  4. What was easy to count in this book? What was more difficult to count? Why do you think so?

  5. What stays the same throughout the book?


Please check out the Book Guide for Anno's Counting Book for more!

Online External Resources for Anno's Counting Book:

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